A Clothing Business That Supports Rescues

Preston’s Paw Prints is a local business that offers apparel and gifts for dogs and their humans to customers nationwide. Our team is led by Kalah Mueller — an animal lover, registered nurse, and proud “fur momma.” Inspired by the memory of her dog Preston, we donate 50% of our proceeds to local animal rescues.

About Kalah

Kalah is an arts and crafts enthusiast. A naturally caring person, she likes making other people (and their pets!) happy.

Educational Background

She studied Criminology and Psychology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL and graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in both in 2005. Kalah also earned a Master of Public Administration in 2008. After working in disaster preparedness and emergency management for several years, Kalah decided to pursue a degree in Nursing and graduated in 2012 with her BSN.

Meet Our Team



Chief Creative Officer

Preston was originally found by Ruff Love Rescue, along with two of his puppies. He was blind, thin, and drinking too much water. Eventually, the rescue staff discovered that Preston had diabetes insipidus, a condition that made him unable to metabolize water. Preston first lived with Sue, the founder of Ruff Love Rescue. Afterward, he stayed at a foster home. Then one magical day, he met Kalah.

Preston’s Story

Kalah adopted Preston from Ruff Love Rescue in September 2015. He was a mischief-maker, toy destroyer, lover boy, and bed hog. Most importantly, Preston was Kalah’s heart and soul.

Kalah took pride in her canine companion’s ability to find his way around her home despite being blind. She took care of Preston, giving him hormone injections twice daily. In turn, Preston gave Kalah unconditional love. Sadly, Preston passed away tragically and unexpectedly in November 2016.


Chief Dog Officer

Lucas is a chocolate Labrador mix and a rescue who was adopted in December 2016, about 3 weeks after Preston died. Kalah had wanted to get another dog for Preston to play with while she was at work. When Preston passed away, she couldn’t stand the silence and decided to adopt Lucas.

An absolute sweetheart, Lucas is 75 lb of pure love. He follows Kalah everywhere she goes. He enjoys going on car rides.

Lucas loves all people and animals, and he is always ready to bestow his sloppy kisses. Once, he made friends with a turtle while he was at the park with his sitter.



Chief Product Tester

Kieran is a mixed breed “foster fail” who is still in his puppy phase. Kalah adopted him in July 2018, and he has been an indispensable part of the team since then.

Kieran was born blind, but that doesn’t stop him from following Lucas around and doing all the things he wants to do. He loves to cuddle and snuggle—he thinks his kitty sisters are playmates, but they do not concur.


Queen of the Castle

Maya was adopted in September 2006. She used to lie in wait around a corner until Preston walked by so she could give him a smack. Maya was crazy about catnip. She earned her angel wings in June 2020.



Half Feline, Half Canine

Just like her doggy siblings, Sadie loved to chase her tail. She would beg for attention by standing on her hind legs and pawing at the air. Sadie was adopted in 2006. Sadly, Sadie passed away in January 2019.